Web Design In 2018

Web Design In 2018

In 2018, web design will be: Performance.

Mobile performance in particular. Each year, web design trends are driven by popular platforms and technology trends. In 2016, the ratio between mobile VS desktop was finally flipped. So in 2018,  we will see more ways to fully utilize mobile functionality that desktops will never see.

Initially, mobile design seemed limiting, due to limited bandwidth and viewports, things we had taken for granted for years, developers have discovered an entirely new, modernized tool belt in mobile design. Modern mobile technology has guaranteed support for voice search, intelligent conversational bots, natural language processing, and geolocation. These features and limitations will drive 2018’s trends.

Bold and Extravagant Typography

To go along with the minimalistic styles of 2018, Typography will be taking center-stage. Already we’re seeing colorful, playful, and artistic fonts and icons taking the place of images.

This is perfect for mobile in particular. Unlike images, which add weight to a page, scaling size to your typography doesn’t impact performance. Eliminating images and relying on expressive typography creates cleaner lines with more negative space — so logos and calls-to-action really pop on-page.

Large clanky buttons and clickable images are losing popularity quick. And those skinny little headers and menus are blossoming into a trend of wide, bold headers that immediately proclaim the purpose of a page. You may even find the call-to-action loudly announced first thing.

The Increased Use of Negative Space

White space is nothing new, but in 2018 developers are finding greater and greater uses of negative space.

Particularly on mobile, speedy, light-weight pages are changing the game. Flashy, gimmicky design is no more. Even images are becoming old-school. Everything on the page is there for one purpose: Increase conversions! We’re not adding flashy animations for just any reason; instead, we’re adding a cinemagraph or GIF to demonstrate and illustrate a product or offering. Movement to drive value and conversions is what companies are now interested in. Negative space draws attention directly to the engagement or conversion point — no distractions = conversion!

Clean, simplistic pages were already hot in 2017. We’re taking minimalism to a whole new level in 2018.



Just enough movement to draw the user’s eye right where you want it. Cinemagraphs, a picture-video. Not as heavy or sluggish as a video, these quick snippets create a dynamic image – really capturing the magic of those moving elements and great to capture an eye or two.

Progressive Web Apps

As Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, many designers have began developing a mixture of traditional app behaviors with web page behaviors. This website-app hybrid is called a Progressive Web App.

We’ll see a trend of implementing things such as Push Notifications, Splash Screens, Offline Mode and animated page transitions. Many major companies have already developed progressive web apps.

As progressive web apps become more popular, they will begin to learn and then react to your personal preferences and style. We have already seen great strides in this area; for example, Facebook learns your interests and then filters your feed accordingly. Look for these types of capabilities to become commonplace in tomorrow’s web apps.

Secure Sites and Apps

In 2017, malicious hacking became an even bigger issue. Malware and Ransomware outbreaks can really ruin your day. They lock up every file on your computer, every picture of your family, and it’s all encrypted, and you have to pay ransom to get the key.

In 2018, having a trustworthy website will be a must. Users will want to feel secure on your site. Is there email and other personal information secure? Will your website infect their computer? Using HTTPS to protect confidential online transactions like online banking and online shopping order forms is the standard today, but given the rapid expansion of ransomware and malware, soon users will expect a secure experience and a trusted certificate on any webpage they visit and interact with.

Facebook as a Destination

While this isn’t so much a Web Design trend, it is crucial to your business. Facebook is fighting to become a one stop shop for all your business’ needs. Content posting, reviews, live chat with clients and even live streaming, Facebook really does offer a fast and efficent way to get hot leads.

In 2018, you will find your business’ presence on Facebook much more important. Organic traffic is tough for a business just starting out. Facebook’s advertising allows you to reach a huge audience and gather many interested leads, creating one heck of a ROI.


Are You Ready for 2018?

An  outdated website often causes the first touch point with your potential client to be a negative one. This can leave a bad taste and could make the user look elsewhere. Get in touch with us today and we’ll make sure your business’ web presence is ready for 2018!

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